Welcome to Hotel Acapulco de Lloret de Mar! 

Family 4 star hotel centrally situated in Lloret de Mar

The Mission of the entire team and the family of the hotel Acapulco is to offer a professional and friendly service adapted to our client.

The Vision we have is to make our customers happy, from the moment they enter the hotel until we say goodbye.

The main values that govern our day to day;

- Passion for our work,
- Honesty with our service.
- Quality from the minute zero we got in touch with you.
- Commitment with you, we want to make the most of your stay.

Learn a little about our history

The hotel Acapulco serves our clients since 1970, always focused on the same subject: to offer the best professional staff services to make you feel at home!

We are waiting for you! Try us!

We will do everything possible to make your holidays unforgettable. All our hotel staff is at your disposal to get this experience as you feel at home!

We offer to our guests the chance to enjoy the sea, her wonderful beaches and coves, due to the privileged location from Hotel Acapulco in Costa Brava,
The Hotel Acapulco is located just a few minutes walking from the shopping centre, Lloret de Mar city centre, well connected to the bus station and few steps away from Lloret de Mar and Fenals’ beaches.

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Our history


The Hotel Acapulco Lloret is currently managed by the second and third hoteliers generation of Lloret de Mar since 1970.

People of Lloret have always been known for their strong and pragmatic character, entrepreneurial spirit and desire to excel. Those were the values of Narcís grandfather and his wife, Loreto. Narcís was a fisherman and Loreto, a maid in the Castell d’en Plaja, the famous and privately owned castle that crowns the beach of Lloret.

Back in the 60s, the couple wanted to open a pub menu, serving homemade breakfast and lunch, and the “Ressupó” which was a light dinner at the end of the wage. Taking advantage of the selected local infrastructure, they built a few rooms to accommodate travelers and merchants. Thus was born the lodge Ca L’Onclet bar.

Loreto was the one who had more entrepreneurial mindset. Those who knew it could ensure that she was a woman with a great personality, kind and firm at the same time, helpful with their customers, but without being at their service, as she was in the Castle. Gradually she built an extended local, with a large dining room, and ended up having 80 rooms spread between Ca L’Onclet lodge and surrounding buildings in the same street.

In the late 60s, the sons of Loreto and Narcís met a landowner, Mr. Rossell, owner of the land where today is located the Hotel Acapulco. They reached an agreement and, built in record time, in the early 70s Hotel Acapulco was inaugurated. A small hotel, with 90 rooms, designed to become a 3 star hotel but using a kind and familiar treatment to their costumers.


The Taulina family was assisted by fundings of several Tour Operators, who lent the capital to build the hotel, in exchange for preferential treatment in the reservations of tourism that was totally incipient and growing. At that time, tourism in Lloret de Mar was a high and medium-classed tourism, many of them families and people coming to Lloret beaches, people who wanted to relax in a beautiful environment, and eat well. Soon, in less than four years, they returned all the funding they borrowed, and so, on their own feet, the Hotel Acapulco has come down to about us.
Importantly, the three generations who run the hotel have kept the spirit of hard work in Loreto, close contact with customers, its dynamism. She brought the foundation to become the best 3 star hotel in Lloret de Mar.

From April 15th 2013 we are a new 4* hotel, thanks to all.