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Barcelona in daylight - Discover Antoni Gaudí

Barcelona in daylight - Discover Antoni Gaudí

Today from Hotel Acapulco we want to recommend a day plenty of activity to the capital of Catalunya: Barcelona.

Barcelona is attractive at everytime. It's because of this that we want you to discover this Barcelona at daylight and nightime. Architecture, culture, sport, Turism, shopping, music, museums... You don't have enough with one day to discover it!

Antoni Gaudí is the one of the main artistic and cultural referents in Barcelona. The journey offered today, during the day, goes across the most important elements of this universal genious.

The Güell Park is the first of the places that we will visit. Just entering the park you'll see the dragons of Gaudí, icon of this architect and present in the most creations of Gaudí. The "Plaça de la natura", "viaducte de les jardineres, garrofer or del museu" or the hill of Three Crosses are essential places to visit in this space of Barcelona. The park is open everyday from 8a.m. to 9p.m.


The Casa Batlló is a essential place in modernist architecture of Barcelona. Built by Gaudí between 1904 and 1906 by a commission of textile industrial Josep Batlló. Actually, the spectacular facade is an icon of reference in Barcelona. The house-museum is open to public for cultural visits or celebration of events due to its fantastic modernist halls.

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casa-batllo-wallpaper 04

The Casa Milà, also known by La Pedrera, is probably one of the most known and important modernist buildings of Antoni Gaudí and, at the same time, one of the most innovative related to functional, constructive and technique subjects, always considered as a breakdown building, out of schemes of that time, inside the same modernism and, specially, a building anticipating the architecture of s.XX.


And we finish our visit with the Main Cathedral, the Sagrada Família, point of the work of this genious. It's a monumental church started on 19th march 1882. At the end of 1883 Gaudí was encharged to continue the works, work that he didn't leave until his death, in 1926.  As the years passed it has become a signal of universal identity of this city and the country itself. The works will finish the first third of this s.XXI. You cannot leave Barcelona without visiting this Temple.

Fachada de la Natividad - 2011 - Index MACRO IMAGEN VIRTUAL DE LA SAGRADA FAMILIA

In short, a visit for all ages, of extraordinary beauty that you cannot lose.

We wait for you!


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