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Lloret de Mar (3) Meat, mexican and italian

Lloret de Mar (3) Meat, mexican and italian

Its time to talk about those restaurantes dedicated to meat, mexican and italian food, continuing our gastronomical route in Lloret de Mar:


Proximity of the best farms and pastures, in Girona, is the reason that in most of our restaurants you can taste meats of high quality. It’s for this reason that we recommend you two restaurants maybe more specialized in meat as their star product:

Rodizzio Papalús. A new proposal in our city, maybe some of you have already tasted if you went to similar restaurants around the world. It’s a specialised restaurant in roast meat in a Brazilian style, using minimalist decoration, elegant and good service. In there you can enjoy an elaborated free buffet, and then, served on table, different kind of roast meet and cut in situ by the waiter. It’s an authentic festival for those “carnivorous”. http://www.rodiziopapalus.com/



In our city you’ll enjoy of some TEX-MEX restaurants. We recommend you one, close to Paris Square (Plaza de París).

Panxos. A good choice to have fun with friends or family in a kind restaurant, set in homely Mexican cantina where you can enjoy of traditional and own cook recipes with a unique flavour. You will enjoy eating “tacos”, “fajitas”, “enchiladas”, and taking a beer. More, we are sure that children will enjoy too, preparing popular “burritos”. https://www.facebook.com/RestaurantPanxos


Italian / Pizzeria: You will find a lot of Italian restaurants, and small places where you can eat “pizza al tagglio” (pizza served in small portions), we recommend you two charming restaurants:

Pizzaiolo: Near Plaza de París (París Square), it uses a nice decoration of a La Toscana restaurant. Its pizzas, in my opinion, are the best in Lloret, using product combinations that turn pizzas into something special. You have to taste them. https://www.facebook.com/restaurante.pizzaiololloret/

pizzaiolo 2

Giorgio restaurant: In El Condado del Jaruco neighbourhood, it’s a good Italian and Mediterranean restaurant, in an elegant and exquisite service. Its menu is very complete, having, also, a wide range of pizzas, fresh pasta, salads, meat in hot meats in hot stone and fish. https://www.facebook.com/restaurante.giorgio.5