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history of Hotel Acapulco Lloret

history of Hotel Acapulco Lloret

Hotel Acapulco has more than 45 years of History, and actually is ruled by the second and third hoteliers generation from Lloret de Mar.

The people from Lloret de Mar has been recognized by their strong and pragmatic behaviour, their entrepreneurial spirit, and their desire to improve themselves. Those were the values from the grandfather Narcís and his wife, Loreto. Narcís was fisherman as a profession, and Loreto was a maid from Mr. Plaja’s Castle, the famous Castle which is at the top of the Cliff at Lloret de Mar’s beach and which it is a private property. On the 60’s, the couple opened a Menu’s bar, for serving breakfast and home cooking, as well as the typical “Ressupó”, like a supper at the end of the workday. Using the place tools that they had, they arranged some rooms where they could lodge some travellers and merchant people. Ca l’Onclet was born like this.

Loreto has more business open mind. Who knows her, they tell you that she still being a strong woman with a great personality. She is kindly and strict together. She is helpful with her guests, although she is not on service, like she was in the Castle. Step by step, she built a bigger place, with a huge dining-room, and it had 80 rooms, spread over the Ca L’Onclet property and outbuildings at the same street. On the latest 60’s, Narcis and Loreto’s children knew a landowner, Mr. Rossell, the owner of the fields were the Hotel Acapulco is build today. They got an agreement and, it was built in a record time; at the earliest 70’s it was inaugurated the Hotel Acapulco.

A small hotel, about 90 rooms, borning to became a 3 stars Hotel with a close and family touch. The Onclet’s Family had the helpful/financing from some Tour Operators, which they borrowed them the capital for the hotel construction in exchange for preferential touristic reservations which they were totally new and in growth. In that time, the Tourism which it was arriving to Lloret de Mar was a Medium and High Class Tourism, like a Family and Sun’s Tourists. People who looked for relax, a marvellous landscape, and a nice cooking also.


Hotel Acapulco Construction 1965-1970
pool construction hotel acapulco 1970
Team Hotel Acapulco 70

Quickly, in less than 4 years, they could refund all the borrowed capital, and like this, by itself, Hotel Acapulco has reached to our days. Must being highlighted that the 3 generations, who rule the hotel, they have kept the courageous spirit and works way from Loreto; as her keep in touch with the guests, and her dynamism. She laid the foundation for becoming the best 3 star Hotel in Lloret de Mar.

Since 2013 we are a 4 star hotel, gathering and adding efforts to continue giving the best service possible.