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Hotel Acapulco Lloret digital transformation

Hotel Acapulco Lloret digital transformation

At Hotel Acapulco Lloret we have taken advantage of the 2020 break to update our internal processes, adapting them to new technologies in order to promote the efficiency of our human team and improve the customer's experience from their arrival at the hotel.

Thus, we committed to training in digital transformation from the hand of Growtur school, in collaboration with Lloret Turisme, the Lloret Hospitality Association, the Lloret City Council and the Costa Brava Tourist Board. The TDLloret course lasted 6 months and provided us with the base to build and develop our own technological transformation. The step prior to starting the transformation process was an in-depth analysis of the environment to learn about new market trends and the new needs of our clients, redefining our values ​​as a brand, and adapting our strategy to the post-covid scenario.


Web redesign

The first change we considered was the update of our website both at design and functional level. On the one hand, as a result of the comprehensive reform of the common areas carried out in 2020, there was a need to adapt it to the new aesthetic line of the hotel, based on a Mediterranean style, marine colors, luminosity and decoration linked to natural elements. On the other hand, we also optimized the website architecture to facilitate user navigation. Furthermore, in 2020 91% of users who accessed our website did so via mobile. For this reason, our priority was the adaptation of the website to a mobile-friendly format with the aim of making it much more intuitive and user-friendly from this device.

Likewise, with the aim of enriching the experience on the website as much as possible, a series of integrations and connectivities have been carried out:

  • In the first place, a Chatbot has been integrated that works with artificial intelligence, being able to answer our customers' questions 24/7 and facilitate the reservation process.
  • Second, different pop-ups and layers have been set up to accompany the user during their navigation, issuing different personalized messages based on our goals on each page of the website.
  • Finally, we also highlight the booking engine change, through which we intend to offer a simpler and more understandable experience in the reservation process.


UbikOS 360º platform: digitization of processes

The second step we took was a PMS (Property Management System) change. In this case, we chose to trust UbikOS for the daily management of reservations and invoice control, but above all, for the digitization of all our internal processes.

This system prioritizes staff efficiency, digitally automating all routine and repetitive processes. Examples of this digitization of processes are: the pre-check in system, room cleaning management (housekeeping) and incident management (maintenance).

Digitizing the kitchen department requires a unique point. UbikOS allows you to control the consumption and costs of food products. In addition, it enables the traceability of products: entry into the warehouse as raw material, transformation into an intermediate product (bases) and exit as a final product in the gastronomic offer of both the restaurant buffet and the hotel bar. Likewise, it allows us to manage all food waste more efficiently, promoting better environmental performance in our daily operations.


Information screens and QR codes

Finally, we have implemented a series of screens around the common areas of the hotel to offer our clients relevant information regarding the hotel and the destination, thus replacing informational material in paper format and also contributing to more sustainable communication.

Along the same lines, we have created a series of QR codes that will be placed both in the common areas and in the rooms. By scanning them, clients will be able to view content of interest during their stay, such as the bar or room service menu, the experiences or activities that we offer from the hotel or the security measures implemented, among others.


We are very excited to be able to present this digital transformation, product of many months of learning and effort of our entire team. The participation of all our staff in this change has been a key element in its success and we are very grateful for the welcome and continuous collaboration throughout these months. Now, we are looking forward to putting all these changes in practice and see how our clients are also part of our innovation process.




We are proud to have appeared in various articles and interviews:

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