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Hidden treasures in Lloret (2)

Hidden treasures in Lloret (2)

Days ago from Hotel Acapulco we recommended to you some of “hidden treasures” you can discover if you come to visit Lloret with the family. Now we want to finish this list proposing you three more recommendations, little different but surely you’ll love it.

These are our three recommendations:

Cala Banys

One of the most beautiful and close small beaches (“cala”, in catalan) in Lloret. To get there is enough if you take the coast path on your right once you arrive at the main beach of Lloret. You will go upstairs and at the top of the hill you can visit the “Dona Marinera” (Fisher woman) statue. From there you can see a small and rocky beach: Cala Banys. At the same time, in this beach you can enjoy of a interesting and funny place to take a cocktail at night, so we recommend you to visit this beach at night or during the sunset, because the light and sea views are spectacular. For those who feel romantic!


Water World

In LLoret de Mar we have the biggest aquatic park in Europe. More thant 140.000 square meters of fun make this park become an attractive we must recommend. Placed in a forest zone perfectly adapted to nature (if you get close you will only see the highest points of aquatic slides, the rest is hidden by trees) it’s worth to go there and spend one day inside the water. You can get there walking (only ten minutes far from Hotel), or by free bus leaving from the bus station, just two minutes far from the Hotel. For those adventurous!

Sea Promenade

And a last recommendation for athletes. Did you know that our Main promenade, in front of the sea, mesures one kilometer long from one side to another? This is ideal if you like to wake up early and go running during the sunshine, when during the summer heat you can practice sport without toasting your skin too much. And, if you go running in the sunshine, beside the fresh air and views, you can enjoy from space, because the streets are empty and that makes it ideal to practice sport. And if you like water sports, we remember you that in the same main beach of Lloret you will find a lot of activities to practice in summer.

We expect that this recommendations make you choose Lloret as your holiday destiny. We wait for you in Hotel Acapulco to inform you about these and other activities that you can enjoy with the family!