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Discover Girona

Discover Girona

From Hotel Acapulco Lloret we want to recommend you a visit to Girona city, only 45 minutes far by bus or car.

It’s said that Girona is a hidden treasure, the great unknown. It’s also said that Girona is the “catalan Florence”. Girona, in reality, is the capital of Costa Brava, central point of a beautiful region. With not moret han 100.000 inhabitants, is a monumental jewel, romanic origin, and conserves one of the biggest and best conserved Jewish Quarter. The street called “Carrer de la Força”, main artery of the Jewish Quarter still conserves the old Sinagoga, headquarters of the Jewish museum, one of the essentials in the city. As essential is getting lose through the narrow and enchanted streets of the Jewish Quarter.

Call jueu de Girona

The “Força” street goes direct to the Cathedral, a architectonic jewel with superimposed styles. It has a romanic cloister and a gotic principal nave that, attention, is the widest in the world! It also conserves inside the museum, the Creation tapestry, from s.XI-XII.

Just in front of the Cathedral, rises the church of Sant Feliu, as majestic as the Cathedral and drawing, both, the profil of Old Town.


Near Sant Feliu we can find the Arab baths. It’s one of these monuments worth to visit. The ticket price is cheap and the visit quick, but really beautiful. They are an old baths, romanic style and still today very well conserved.

And in front of the Baths start one of the other attractions of the city, the Wall. This sorrounds the Old Town and it was thanks to this that Girona was able to resist long time the attack of french army . Today it is all restored and can be visited walking on it, enjoying an incredible views of all the city. The Wall ends in Catalunya Square, where we find the stone bridge, with the most typical view of the city, the houses over the river Onyar, painted of different colours, the Cathedral and Sant Feliu at the bottom and the bridge of “Peixeteres velles” (old fisherwomen bridge), built by Eiffel, just in the middle. It’s here where the Rambla starts, one the main streets in the Old Town and of the commercial arteries of the city.

rambla girona

It’s a round route that can be done in a morning, but if you want to visit some museum you will need a full day excursion. By the way, highly recommendable to visit the Cinema Museum, if you go with child. It’s one of the biggest in the world and they permit you to touch and experiment with many of the devices!

Summarizing, an ideal excursion for all the family!