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The route of Coast Train

The route of Coast Train

If you have already been in Hotel Acapulco and you have asked for information about how to go to Barcelona, probably we have told you from reception that the bus option is the most confortable because it gets there in about one hour. Lloret has no train station so if you need to take a train you first have to take a bus to train station in Blanes and then take a train to Barcelona.

Nevertheless, if you are not hurry in arriving to Barcelona, travelling by train has an enchantment that the bus doesn't have. The Coast Train travels all around the coast, sea side, to Barcelona, making short stops in twenty villages, so you will be able to enjoy not only of mediterranean view but also of the short view of these towns. And, who knows, maybe one day you decide to make an excursion just to see one of these towns. It's the TRAIN OF COSTA BRAVA.

Once you leave Blanes station, the first four towns are, in fact, two groups to two towns joint by a street during the real estate evolution: Malgrat de Mar and Santa Susanna, in one side, and Pineda and Calella, on the other side.

Malgrat and Pineda share long beaches. Calella has a park of 18.5 Ha of gardens and forests to walk or play with children. Pineda has an old town from s.XII and the ruins of a roman aqueduct from s.II d.C.

Next stop is Sant Pol de Mar. From Sant Pol we recommend you to visit the modernist facades of many buildings in town, most of them designed by architecht Ignasi Mas Morell.

sant pol de mar

In Canet de Mar you can still enjoy of modernism visiting cristal workshops or the house of modernist architecht Lluis Domènech i Montaner.

In Arenys de Mar you can visit the grave of our poet Salvador Espriu in "Sinera Semetery" (as said by Salvador Espriu). And Caldes d'Estrac is a thermal water town. Known already in roman days, you can visit their spa or the thermal baths of this small town.

And in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, ending point of this first chapter of our excursion to Barcelona, we recommend you to taste the "pèsol garrofal" (pea landrace of this town), especially "pèsols afogats" (drowned peas) style Llavaneres.

Soon we will show you other particularities of other towns where this train stops during its journey to Barcelona.

We expect you to enjoy this excursion. We wait for you in Hotel Acapulco, where all your experiencies begin!