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Restaurant Service at our Hotel Acapulco Lloret

Restaurant Service at our Hotel Acapulco Lloret

Our Hotel Acapulco Lloret was born from a family project rooted in the area of ​​the Costa Brava and therefore our culinary origin was born from a "culinary Catalan case," our commitment to our roots and the area in which we live is our hallmark which is reflected in our way of cooking and understanding our gastronomy.

With the aim of following a joint project with the Alicia foundation and more specifically with the AMED (Mediterranean food) program, we have been classified as an establishment attached to this seal.

We have a commitment to our area and to our roots, but also to the current needs of our clients, for this reason we have obtained the certificate of establishment suitable for celiacs granted by the Associació de celiacs of Catalonia and we also include in our gastronomic offer a list of allergens of each dish that we offer available to customers where they can see dish by dish which of the 14 general allergens they may contain, gluten free.

Our gastronomic offer focuses on a linear buffet with show cooking which is divided into:

- Cold station with vegetables and salads, varied and different in the lunch and dinner services.

- Healthy area with varied and healthy vegetable dishes of km0 for anyone who wants to eat rich and healthy.

- Show cooking that has a griddle and grill with different services ranging from grilled or grilled fish, meat and vegetables, to carving meats and large pieces of fish.

- Hot stone where you will find a diverse variety of rice dishes and different paellas between lunch and dinner with all the flavor of the Mediterranean.

- Hot dishes area with a varied offer where you can find very tasty stews and typical dishes.

- We have a special area where we expose vegetable and meat pizzas, also on Saturday nights we set up a corner specifically of varied skewers.

- How could it be otherwise, we have a Catalan themed night where we expose a selection of typical dishes from the area and sausages with their well-known pa amb tomaquet that delights our guests.

- In the same way we have a dessert island where you can find a varied list of desserts, ice creams and fruit both in pieces and cut.

We have a full breakfast service where you will find an assortment of sausages, eggs of different formats and cooking, as well as national and international preparations live in our show cooking (crepes, omelets to taste, pancakes ...) so that you can make your breakfast Whatever you like, with a variety of pastas and also healthy items such as fresh cut fruit, cold station and Pagés bread with tomato to make you an authentic Catalan breakfast.

As a novelty, we have included in the breakfast service a new coffee bean coffee system in which when you select the type of coffee you want, the coffee machine itself grinds the bean in situ so that you can enjoy your moment with a freshly brewed coffee, a real pleasure .

We also have milk of plant origin and specific products for celiacs, which will be served under the express request of the client to avoid cross contamination.
In this new stage of internal renovation during the covid-19 stoppage, we have implemented a 360º technological system UbikOS on the entire operation of the hotel and that in particular in the gastronomic offer has been able to allow us to control and make our resources more efficient to avoid food waste that it is a duty to reduce for us and our environment.

Likewise and within the system we have integrated the health records and the HACCP system (analysis of critical and control points) of self-control to give more confidence if possible to our clients, we believe that the safer and more efficient we are, the better we can meet your needs and fulfill with all food safety.

We are a family hotel with strong roots that are responsible with our clients and with our environment, so we want to be so that you feel at home.

We will not stop innovating by and for you, because of our way of seeing Lloret and its identity, we continue to advance for sustainability and proximity, because it cannot be otherwise, we hope you enjoy our gastronomy as much as we enjoy when we do it for you.

Article written by Marco Antonio Sáez Moraga, Chef de Cuisine of the Hotel Acapulco Lloret.