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Lloret de Mar and its gastronomy (1) Tapas

Lloret de Mar and its gastronomy (1) Tapas

Lloret de Mar is a city with a wide range of cultures and communities reflected in their own gastronomy.

Although is true that fast food restaurants abound in our streets, there’s no need to lie to good gourmets or those who prefer a good meal because in our proposal you’ll surely find your preferred gastronomic corner. We propose you from places adapted to all kind of budgets, to gourmet restaurants where price is related to cuisine art.


One of most popular practice in our country is meeting with friends to take some appetizer and eat, while drinking, some “tapa”. We call “tapa” to small taste of something special, something you don’t want to eat as a full course or something you want to share with your friends. We recommend these two restaurants where cuisine art is reduced to these small jewels of gastronomy.

El Romaní. Placed in the most commercial street of Lloret de Mar, it’s a small restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy its proposals related to “tapas” world, or taste a good wine with your friends. www.facebook.com/el.romani.9/info


Bagua Lounge Restaurant. As they say, it’s a place to “enjoy a different cuisine in a unique atmosphere”. Their “montaditos” and “tapas” (Friday and Wednesday) turns this restaurant into a referent for those “tapas” lovers, but they also offer a wide range of meat and fish courses in their menu, as well as a selected wine and cocktails list. https://www.facebook.com/bagua.loungerestaurant/info



Rice is, undoubtedly, one of the most emblematic courses in Spanish cuisine. We could find in every family an expert in cooking rice, he or she, who is “the rice’s xef” and keep the recipe secret. There are different variations about this staple, hints turning its cooking into different names according to cooking time and final result: paella, rice soup...

Arrosseria de Fenals. This restaurant, close to Fenals, has a wide range of original and creative courses using seasonal products of our land. Its wide rice menu gives name to this restaurant and becomes one the biggest specialities with more than 10 different variations in cooking rice. http://www.arrosseriadefenals.com


Can Miquel. This small restaurant, offers you in a kind atmosphere a wide range of “tapas” and catalan cuisine courses. We recommend this restaurant due to quality of rices and fideuas. You can eat there or take the food away. https://www.facebook.com/canmiquel.lloretdemar?fref=ts