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The desire of the human being to discover the world he inhabits dates back to ancient times, trying to explore unknown places or establish new business relationships, but also to have fun.

Since then, tourism has become one of the most important economic sectors, and it is in charge of moving people attracted by the history, culture or nature of other places from one side of the planet to the other. An industry that, in addition , has a significant environmental impact and has recently been evolving towards regenerative tourism.

At the Hotel Acapulco Lloret we fight for Sustainable Tourism and Sustainability in all areas, choosing environmental practices that respect the planet in our daily development.




Proof of this is our participation in the Greentour Tourism Sustainability Project, which addresses various actions to improve natural and cultural heritage management methods through the implementation of networks or joint experimentation through the incorporation of methodologies and actions to promote the circular economy. in the tourism sector.

On the other hand, we are also proud to have the certification of the Ethical and Sustainable Transformation Plan of Lloret de Mar. A plan that has offered us knowledge and tools to implement sustainable plans in an ethical manner in the DNA of the organization, in order to continue paving the way towards sustainability. Thank and honor our partner Noelia González for all her dedication and commitment to training.



At the Hotel we believe that the future of tourism involves a change in the model, it will be sustainable or it will not be tourism, so we continue to innovate and advance towards sustainability by carrying out sustainable actions in various areas of the hotel.


In the Food & Beverage department we have made some changes in digestion and in the use of products for new sustainable ones.

- Substitution of single-dose products for bulk consumption.

- Replacement of cans and cartons of Tomato, milk and mashed potatoes for a freeze-dried service.

- Individual yogurts for glass jars.

- Digitization of the buffet labels helping to provide information on allergens and pairing of dishes.

- Use of technology to control capacity and thus be able to reduce the loss of food.

- Replacement of disposable plastic containers with more sustainable materials.


During the covid-19 break, we implemented a 360º UbikOS technological system on all hotel operations and, in particular, in the gastronomic offer, it has allowed us to control and make our resources more efficient to avoid food waste, which is a duty to reduce for us. and our environment.




At the hotel reception we have also implemented sustainable plans, we have digitized ourselves in most of the processes and thus we have managed to reduce paper by 95%.

We have drawn up a selective collection plan for waste, plastics, organics, paper...

We are committed to preserving the flora and fauna of vacation spots as much as possible and to intelligent and non-invasive tourism that allows us to continue enjoying the cultural heritage and authentic natural jewels without damaging or transforming them.

We also look for proximity, as a result of which we have been accredited by the Public Health Agency of Catalonia ASPCAT within the AMED Mediterranean Food program. A program whose objective is to promote Mediterranean food as a model of healthy eating in the field of collective catering. You can find more information in our blog article https://www.hotelacapulcolloret.com/en/mediterranean-food-program-amed.html

At Hotel Acapulco Lloret, we pride ourselves on being an organization committed to gender equity and the promotion of equal employment opportunities. We understand that each individual, regardless of their gender, deserves to be treated with respect and have the same opportunities for professional development and growth. In our various labor departments, we have implemented inclusive policies and practices to ensure that both men and women are treated fairly and without discrimination. Our approach is based on valuing the skills, abilities and talents of each employee, without her gender being a determining factor in decision-making related to employment.

To promote equal opportunities, we have established transparent and objective selection and promotion processes. This means that hiring, promotion and training decisions are based solely on the merit and demonstrated performance of employees, regardless of gender.

Also at the Hotel Acapulco Lloret, in addition to offering a bicycle rental service for our guests to enjoy exciting rides, we have adopted a supportive and meaningful approach. Every time someone rents one of our bikes, the money generated goes entirely to Cáritas, a charity dedicated to helping those who need it most. Thus, by participating in this activity, our guests not only experience unforgettable moments, but also actively contribute to making a positive difference in the lives of those who benefit from Caritas assistance. It's a rewarding way to combine personal enjoyment with social responsibility, and we're delighted to be a part of this charitable support.

In our unwavering commitment to sustainability, at the hotel we have implemented innovative practices to minimize our environmental footprint. From greener rooms with refillable shampoo and body wash dispensers, to a comprehensive approach to recycling in all our departments, we're building a greener future by actively reducing waste and preserving natural resources for generations to come.

Currently we continue to innovate and work to move towards proximitySustainability and towards a more Sustainable future.

This year 2023 we are working hard to obtain the Sustainability certificate with Bioscore.

In November 2023 we have been certified with the BIOSCORE seal.