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Lloret, the Daiquiri and Hotel Acapulco

Lloret, the Daiquiri and Hotel Acapulco

The history

In 1888, at number 32 Carmen Street in Lloret de Mar, was born Constantí Ribalaigua Vert, from a family of fishermen. His father emigrated to Havana like so many other people from Lloret in search of fortune, and in 1901 he called his son Constantí to move there. When he arrives, he immediately starts working in a bar owned by some people from Lloret called Café Central.

Other people from Lloret, the Sala Parera brothers, who had inherited a winery called La Piña de Plata from their uncle, changed its name and called it El Florida, which very quickly ended up being popularly called El Floridita. Constantí on loan from the Central cafe arrives at El Floridita and as if destiny were waiting for them, the place and the character come together and... Here the magic begins!

El Floridita, was soon known as "The Cathedral of Daiquiri" and Constantí Ribalaigua y Vert, son of Lloret and owner of El Floridita, as the best bartender in the world. Constante for Cubans. Creator of magical concoctions and especially one: The Daiquiri Frappé.

People from the five continents passed through the Constante bar, El Floridita became internationally popular.

And from there the story is born, the great little story of Lloret de Mar and Havana, of Constante and the Daiquirí.


The daiquiri comes to us

And now it's up to us to make sure that that brilliant formula is not damaged and that the memory of Constantí Ribalaigua Vert does not fall into oblivion, it is for this reason that Daiquiri comes to us.

On Fridays throughout the season we turn the hotel bar into a cocktail bar, where you can enjoy and taste different cocktails, one of them the famous Daiquiri, which we have from the hand of the cocktail shaker Manel Casademont, and accompany it with an a assortment of sausages and cheeses in the hotel terrace set with good DJ music.

Contact us and make your reservation.


Last Thursday, 29/07, the presentation ceremony of the route "Be Frozen my Friend, Tour Daiquiri Nº 4" took place at the Acapulco Lloret Hotel, together with the awarding of diplomas to establishments certified as specialists in preparation of the #Daiquiri Nº4 recipe.

The aim of the route is to celebrate the centenary of Daiquiri Nº 4 (1922-2022), popularized as Frozen by Constantí Ribalaigua i Vert from Lloret, as well as to claim the Lloret origin of which is surely one of the most famous cocktails in the world" . We are happy to be able to proudly state that the Daiquiri Nº 4 is also our cocktail, the cocktail of Lloret de Mar.

We believe that it is important to promote those local products such as the Daiquiri Nº4 created by Lloretenc Constantí Ribalaigua and to value them, for this reason from the Acapulco Lloret hotel we joined this initiative, and are part of the 15 establishments certified by prepare a quality Daiquiri.

Daiquiri Nº4 is an intangible heritage of Lloret de Mar, come and try it!

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